Radial line slot antenna design

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Abstract: A design for linearly polarized radial line slot antenna (RLSA) is proposed. A novel slot arrangement is presented which couples to the rotationally symmetric guided waves to produce a uniform aperture distribution with linear polarization. Basic characteristics were measured in the 12-GHz band on a model antenna.

Radioengineering - April 2016, Volume 25, Number 1 [DOI: 10 Antenna parameters particularly relevant to electrically small antenna design are reviewed in this paper. Source current definitions are accentuated leading to the introduction of the source concept which advantageously utilize only … Broadband Differentially Fed Tapered Slot Antenna slot antenna arrays is that a separate feeding structure/balun is required, typically composed of a radial stub and a transmis- sion line, which is potentially lossy. Optimizer High Power FM Antenna - Jampro Antennas Inc. The Jampro JBCP‐H Optimizer High Power FM Antenna is designed for broadcast applications that require relative insensitivity to icing.


[0009] This radial line slot antenna has many advantages, and is expected to play an important role as a millimeter wave band antenna for mobile communication, including radio LAN, in the near future. [0010] The name of the radial line slot antenna is often simply referred to as “RLSA”, which stands for Radial Line Slot Antenna. Radial Line Slot Array (Rlsa) Antenna Design At 28 Ghz Using ...

A beam shaping reconfigurable radial line slot array...

the antenna aperture in this case. A radial line slot antenna (RLSA) for surface-wave-coupled plasma (SWP) is a promising candidate to this end. A novel slot arrangement in the aperture, consisting of densely arrayed transverse slots, was fabricated and tested.

Kaoru SUDO, Takuichi HIRANO, Jiro HIROKAWA, and Makoto ANDO, "A Radial Line Slot Antenna Fed by a Rectangular Waveguide through a Crossed Slot," IEICE Trans. Communication, Vol.E86-B, No.10, pp. 3063-3070, October 2003.

Simulation results showed that dielectric constants have great effect in the design and overall radiation performance of the RLSA antennas. At 12.5GHz resonant frequency, higher dielectric constant records a drop in both efficiency and directivity of the RLSA antennas. Article - Design of ka band downlink radial line slot… Ka-band is an emerging band for future satellite operators because of the increase in demand for capacity, availability as well as its applicability for...

US6590545B2 - Electrically small planar UWB antenna apparatus

Using a slotted line, you could also measure an unknown frequency by measuring the distance between the voltage peaks and noting that the distance is 1/2 wavelength. Here's some slotted line equipment that we found recently on Ebay (none of which sold!) Hewlett Packard C17540 HP 816A. A Lightweight Radial Line Slot Antenna with Honeycomb… A Lightweight Radial Line Slot Antenna with Honeycomb Structure for Space Use.